Monday, August 21, 2006


-I learned to read when I was four.
-Read the Hobbit at the age of 9.
-Drew my first picture, of a bug, when I was 2. You could tell what it was. In college I only took one art class, in my last quarter, and my work ended up in a show. I wish now I had taken classes in high school and done art as a major in college.
-Had read through the New Testament a couple of times, and some parts dozens of times, before I was 14 and by my own choice.
-The first time I saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail I was 8. Not the best thing for an eight year old but I still love it.
-I never went through the “hating girls” stage as a kid. I first kissed a girl when I was three. Chased them ever since…till I got married.
-Watched PBS by choice as a kid and not just Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street. Favorite shows: Anything about nature, science, folklore, and mythology. I learned far more this way than I did in school (including 80% of my college).
-Walked in fields with bulls and horses before I was in kindergarten. They were my friends though and they knew it and I knew it. I was never in danger.
-Often got lost on purpose on the land outside of Athens just to see if I could figure out how to get back.
-Read over a dozen collection of Peanuts comic strips and still love A Charlie Brown Christmas more than any tv show or movie ever made. Charles Schulz work and Spiderman comics were key teachers for me in terms of human relationships, systems of honor and sacrifice, heroism, perseverance, true glory, and love. While they are just comics I found them to be illustrations of Biblical principles that I didn’t find shown, as often as I should have, at home or in the church.
-Types of pets past and present: Dogs, cats, rats, mice, spiders, skunk, pigeon, doves, pirhanna and other fish.
-My IQ has tested several times and lands between 137 and 139 without fail. I don’t take stock in these tests but the redundancy of the results is interesting.
-I was in the 91st percentile on my military entrance tests.
-I am, beyond a shadow of a doubt, ADHD.
-I have been told on many occasions by people who don’t know each other that I am supposed to become a preacher. I don’t know how I will ever teach as I am always the student.

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