Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Witnessing for Christ: Yank 'em by the collar, in love, if you have to. But just do it!

To my fellow aggressive Christians: When you witness to someone make sure you give respect to who you are witnessing to. Remember that this person is loved by Christ. These folks are our lost brothers and sisters and they are not our prey. This is not a score card thing to hand in to God. These folks have within them souls that are just as valuable to Christ as our own. A lot of these folks are our dear friends and family.

To my insecure brothers and sisters who say...."Witnessing is just not my gift."
News flash: Witnessing isn't a spiritual "gift". It's a command from God!
Yes, some of us have an easier time witnessing than others but make no mistake it is a mandate from God for all of us and for good reason. "I'm shy"...well poor "you" if this is "you". I hope it isn't but if it is...You just go ahead and be shy while your mom or dad die and don't make themselves right with God. Visualize your wife or husband on their descent into the pit because you didn't DIRECTLY tell them what they need to know and do...... I'm sure Jesus will pat you on the back and say "that's ok those whip marks, the spit in the face, the beating, the sword in the side, and the nails didn't really hurt that much for nothing I guess...just go feel good about your own salvation and play some more Amy Grant music while you sooth your conscience" (man, I hope this paragraph doesn't apply to you mr/ms reader because we are accountable to God for what we know). What's the worst thing that's going to happen? They reject what you tell them. If they reject, it is in their ballcourt. If they accept then you just helped rock the kingdom of heaven with another precious soul saved. Keep trying even if they do reject unless it becomes outright opposition to what you are saying. At this point there is a verse that speaks of not casting pearls before swine. Me personally, I've not met that pig yet. I'll find more pearls until the opportunity is completely gone. But I'm like that.

There are so many people needing His love out there and there are too few of us and we are not doing enough. Over 200,000 people per day die. How many of them are saved? How many of them are we personally missing the opportunity to share with? Want to put it in perspective? Check this page out if not the rest of the website: http://www.biblehelp.org/mortality.htm
I can't vouch for the whole site at this point and I only peeked at this page but it's a heavy visual to me.
Why not be direct? Why not love them enough? Someone loved you enough to tell you didn't they!!!??? Better to have them in heaven forever with you instead of just a few decades isn't it??? Imagine if they end up in hell and all we can say is "Witnessing is just not my gift".

Enough for now...

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