Monday, November 10, 2008


I put this picture up in advance of Thanksgiving day with the full intent of making comment prior to, or on, T-day. I'm not into the traditional "horn of plenty" but for me this is the real horn of plenty: A 50's fridge stuffed with processed food and pop!
Just kidding...It is a reflection of the state our fridge has been in ever since a large struggle began for me and my family. Through it all God has provided! We have not missed a house payment nor have we gone hungry. Truly the Lord is good even though His methods confuse the living crap out of me at times.
Due to the nature of cyberspace I don't feel like spilling this particular set of my guts out. Should you be at a point of confusion and struggle..and you feel like the voice of God is as quiet as a mouse breathing...don't be afraid to post a comment and we'll figure a way for me to contact you and I will try to encourage you with a little more detail. My situation may not line up with yours but a shared burden is indeed much lighter. The way I look at it is there is no point in going through rough times if you can't use that experience to help someone else either avoid it or bear a similar thing.

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