Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Devil made you do it? Don't think so...

I have no basis in fact, fiction, or scripture for what I am about to say:

I don't think that God knew what was going to happen pre-launch of his creations but only their potential. However, once time/creation began, it became a thing that an eternal could hold like a book (again my own thoughts). Not something an immortal could hold but an eternal. Everything beyond God had a beginning whether it is mortal or immortal. If God were to completely alter some element in people, after seeing all of history played out poorly by said people, then He would not have the creation that was originally made. The creation that He wanted.

The particulars of why He wanted us? I have no idea. I can only guess that being the only eternal would have to suck and be quite lonely. But that's coming from my mind and not the mind of God so I don't know. Just a guess.

Yes He runs interference in our lives but I have to believe that any and all interferences have already happened past/present/future without destroying free will and that this reality is the best we can get under that premise. It's not, to me, "why aren't you doing anything God???" it's "man do we suck if this is the best reality we are permitting God to be involved in". This would include your decisions and mine. If it ends up that we go to hell it will not be because we haven't been called away from it. It will be our decision to call ourselves gods. Satan doesn't care if he's worshipped. He hates his followers. All he cares about is hurting God as much as he can and the best way he can do that is steal God's unwilling children from Him for eternity. Satan knows he is going down and the closest thing to pleasure for him is that misery loves to have the company it hates.

There will be no Satan within reach to blame on judgment day. There will only be you. There will only be me.

Scary isn't it?