Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Purging of the GOP and the Second Disillusionment for Christians

The first purging of "Popular Christianity" in America was back during the Jimmy Swaggart, Jim & Tammy, and others era. Amy Grant left her husband so she could screw Vince Gill. Lots of people lost their faith because they placed it in preachers, images, and leaders instead of going to Christ first. God will not be mocked and so a lot of folks were exposed for their evils done in/under his Name.

And now the second purging comes to our political base more than to preachers.

Purge #1...
Foley. A known pedophile that was hidden from view by the GOP. Enough said here. It's already old news in the world of sound bytes.

Purge #2 In process. Thank God for it if what the man says is true. Truth hurts but remains the truth.

Kuo's largely hyped book: Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction comes out today regarding the fleecing of the body of Christ. I don't know of a good reason to write this book other than for the man to expose a lie in earnest fashion. There is no doubt that this book will kill him politically with the GOP so the profit off of this book better be pretty high for him as he is essentially out of a job and all other political jobs. So the risk he takes lends me to believe, at least at this point, that the guy is telling the truth.

I read in one spot on the book that he says something to the effect that Christians should take a sabbatical from politics for a couple of years. I agree with him. We have been led around, or at least I have been, with a bridle of half filled promises.

The voice has been very dim if present at all for issues like fetal stem cell research, abortion, freedom of speech for Christians, and a host of other issues that truly conservative Christians have been listening for. I'm not just talking about Bush. Let's face it, most presidents are little more than figure heads for a much larger machine. They are the fall guy or the hero but ultimately they are a buffer for the much larger political machines of the democrats and republicans.

But let's look at the conservative machine I have voted for at every election and what they have/have not done for my issues:
-They stopped partial birth abortions. What I voted for Bush based on solely. But this is not a secured iron clad "it will never happen" vote/law. In fact it is very weak. In fact it only addresses the most horrific and arguably the least potentially used form of abortion. This was a shitty bragging right. You want to impress me? Make the "day after" pill illegal. Stop all abortions other than medical emergency. Heck I'll even concede pregnancy by rape instances even though I don't like that either. The bottom line here is that it isn't and won't be enough.
-They have not gone any further on abortion. (see above)
-They have not stopped the FDA from approving RFID tags for human insertion. Don't roll your eyes at this. It is more monstrous than you can imagine in implications.
-They have not stopped fetal stem cell research.
-They have not stopped pornography from becoming an industry with stock options.
-They have not stopped the harrassment of Christians in schools or even clipped the progressive elimination of the Christian voice in schools.
-They have let gays continue to come into elementary schools and preach alternative lifestyles.
-They have not stopped the court marshaling of military chaplians for using the name of Jesus.
-They have not stopped the ACLU from eliminating historically Christian symbols on local and national currencies, logos, etc.
-They did not stop the removal of the 10 Commandments from buildings.
And there is a ton of other "did nots" that reach much further out than the "dids" that a Christian would expect from a party that has held both the Whitehouse and the Congress for at least six years simultaneously.

So, what do we do as Christians? Who do we vote for? We must vote our conscience and not any particular party if we vote at all. It is your right as an American not to vote for that matter. I used to believe that if you didn't vote you didn't have a right to complain. Look where my voting got me though. Go ahead and complain. Vote or don't vote the way I feel right now is that it doesn't matter either way. Find your king in Christ. He's the only real king anyway. Everyone else has a false agenda it would seem.

But should you choose to vote, take enough time to read the positions of each candidate before you hit the donkey or elephant button. Otherwise hit no button at all.

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