Sunday, October 08, 2006

That's what communion's all about Charlie Brown...

I wrote this down and sent it to friends back when it happened. I'm putting it here because I still get a charge out of what my son did and said:

This is too important to me not to write down. Yesterday was the first day of passover, April 12th 2006, and it was a Wednesday night when this happened. I went to church for a dinner and communion service with the family. Usually kids don't take communion as it is a serious ceremony when taken the way it is meant to be taken. As a matter of fact my son was out playing with kids and drawing pictures outside of the sanctuary until just before we actually took communion.

He came in and sat next to me, My wife and daughter were in the nursery, just as they were passing out the bread representing Christ's body. He said "I want some" and so I had to explain to him that the bread was part of something special and that it was a symbol of Jesus as would be the wine/grape juice for his blood. My son doesn't understand the word symbol so I had to use the word "expression" which is one he does understand. I told him that Jesus sat with his best friends and did this just before he was killed for us.

I asked him if he understood and he said that he did. I asked him to explain it back and he he gave me a pretty good account of what it meant. So I let him take part in the communion. I have to say that I was a little nervous about doing this but I didn't need to be. I figured it out that he had honored God when he told me right after taking the drink, in a whisper, "Dad, if I was alive when Jesus was here I would give him a hug. And when they killed him I would cry. A lot of people would cry." I just sat there and the only reply I could give was "You would?" and he said "Yeah".

I seriously couldn't think of a response. Here my six year old son, God bless him forever, got it. He really got it. What has taken me decades to get, he had gotten at the age of six.

I had to share this. It was too important for me to let fade with just another daily memory.

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