Thursday, August 30, 2007

Taking a Stand

Whatever you do, If you believe something stand for it. This is particularly true if you are a Christian having your faith dashed against the rocks by detractors. Don't stand for it. Christ died for you and me and for those in opposition to your witness. The worst thing you could do for the soul of a detractor is back off and hide in a corner. That doesn't mean being nasty or condemning. What it does mean is that person needs Christ as desperately as you and I ever did and Christ shed an equal amount of blood for them as you and I. Souls are on the line. Time to forget about what people might think of you. We are all running out of time but for the lost this is a matter of great peril. Take your role as a believer seriously and take a stand for those who would rather you didn't.

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bp611 said...


Greater is He that is in you than he that is in this world! Greetings Christian warrior, God must want us to catch up, hang out, and move some iron for Him. He really blessed me in 2004,more than that 425# at Bluffton, I hit 611# on the bench press... to Him be all the glory. Viann and I are still truckin! Only change is we have FIVE kids!!! My quiver is full!
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