Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have a lot of old tools in my toolbox. I pick up a lot of stuff at yard sales or auctions. I was looking through them and noticing how battered they were and how many I have rigged together with duct tape and other crutches. It got me thinking about things on a larger scale and this post may sound sappy but I really don't care as it's the first time I have written anything in a while....
Whoops! Sorry, I saw something shiny...Anyway...

All those tools were things that nobody else wanted. Some of them I acquired for free. Pieces of steel and wood that others found no value in I managed to see something a little bigger than the initial appearance.

Like I said it got me thinking about things on a larger scale. Did you ever think about the tools that God uses? He doesn't have a single brand new screwdriver in the drawer. All of us just chunks of wood and steel born broken and tarnished and only getting moreso over time. {like we were manufactured in China ;)}

What the world has discarded in it's global yard sale God has been able to say of all of us "you know, I could use that" and even though he has an abundance of 12mm sockets he still picks up another one when it comes to him and puts it to use.

I like that idea. He can take the worst of us and turn us into "Craftsman's" and no matter how bad those might look they are guaranteed for life to the Owner.

(This one might have been a strech but I liked it.)

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